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Peter Gilbert

From leaving school in the 60’s, Peter has always painted or drawn. For Peter, not going to art college was the best route, as over the years and career changes, from advertising agencies to Restaurateur and Night Club owner Peter has always found the time to keep painting, exploring and developing his own style. Changing them with my his lifestyle, from the very precise skills needed as an airbrush artist and illustrator to the strong brush strokes and bold colours of his New Forest landscapes.

Peter is now lucky enough to make a living as an artist, painting mainly contemporary landscapes of the New Forest or the Coast from Cornwall and the Scottish Western Isles. He tends to work out on site to capture the immediacy of the moment with pastels and watercolour and then uses those sketches to either finish them back in the studio as small paintings or use them as reference for larger works. Working outside helps to capture “that” moment of light, movement colour and time.

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