The Accessible Art Show will showcase up to 50 local Hampshire artists, displaying over 300 pieces of original artwork. Combining an art exhibition, art fair and gallery with an online auction.

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Free art show with a difference 

Live Exhibition 10:00 – 17:00, 23 March 2019

The Spark – Solent University – SO14 0YN

Entrance to ‘The Accessible Art Show’ is free. You will be able to buy any artwork and place a bid online from 1 March, as well as during the live exhibition, using any mobile device. The auction ends at 17:00, 23 March and all winning bids can be collected from the Spark between 17:00 and 20:00.

During the exhibition, there will be estimated prices under and over £300, as well as artworks priced over £1000. Although, there is no maximum prices at the auction, be careful with what you fall in love with. There will also be a Buy-It-Now (BIN) price. This purchase is only available at the live exhibition in the Spark on 23 March up until 15:00. The BIN option will enable buyers to purchase any Lot immediately, as opposed to using the bidding process. Please note, by choosing the BIN option, you are paying for the privilege to take the item out of the auction. As such, the BIN price is higher than the current bid and calculated using our in-house pricing strategy. Our Terms and Conditions are posted on the online auction platform and will be made available at the live exhibition.

The Day of Art – Southampton 2019

The Accessible Art Show is part of the Day of Art – Southampton 2019, and the main feature exhibition of the day.

The Day of Art is a day of inspiration and community, to celebrate the creative minds in our neighbourhoods. Local artists will showcase their masterpieces for all those eager for art and culture across multiple venues in Southampton City Centre.

What To Expect

By providing opportunities for artists and showcasing their talents, visitors to the city will be able to enjoy a diverse range of art and activities throughout the day. Families will be encouraged to take part in creative, artist-led drop-in sessions to draw, paint and make together. Immersive experiences, public displays, exhibitions, performances, workshops, activities. The Accessible Art Show’s auction will enable everyone to interact with the Day of Art and maybe pick up a future masterpiece.